The Dynamic Teenager

(age 13-19 years) - Total Sessions 12

Module 1 : Consume English ____________(1 Session)

In order to gain mastery over the English language , it is important to make the learning process fun and complete. It should be totally inculcated in our day to day lives and not be a burden or a boring task.

Module 2 : Grammatically Correct____________(2 Sessions)

Grammar refers to the words and word groups that make up sentences.

Importance Of English Grammar: Better Reading, Conversation, Writing & Communication Skills

  • It brings fluency to our language and makes it easier to communicate with people in personal, social, academic, and professional scenarios.
  • Enhances our chances of academic and professional success as we are more likely to communicate better in interviews, group discussions, etc.
  • It helps in building interaction in colleges and universities, where foreign students from various origins can easily communicate with each other.

Module 3 : Read Right____________(2 Sessions)

Reading is the groundwork for success. When youngsters develop a good reading habit early in their lives, they are more likely to become higher achievers in school, college and personal life.

Reading has many benefits, but it’s a skill that even a lot of adults don’t use enough. Apart from the necessity of reading to get by in today’s world, let’s look at some other benefits of reading and how these can contribute positively to your child’s development.

  • Reading helps you discover the world.
  • It develops your imagination and creativity.
  • It improves vocabulary and communication.
  • It helps with building a good self-image and improving self-worth.
  • Reading improves concentration and reduces stress.

Module 4 : Pictures Speak- Understand The Mood ____________(1 Session)

Using a picture comprehension can help get youngsters ready for reading comprehensions. If you use a clear image, children can easily decipher meaning from a picture where they might not be able to with text. They can use simple sentences to describe what is present or happening in the photo and start to understand how to take their reading further.

Module 5 : Proper Pronunciation____________(1 Session)

Proper pronunciation is the key to mastering the English language.Without correct pronunciation, the vocabulary that you know will be less effective when communicating. It is always better to know fewer words and pronounce them well than to know a lot of words and pronounce them badly. Bad pronunciation can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Module 6 : Vocabulary Building____________(1 Session)

A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication : listening, speaking, reading and writing. Vocabulary is critical to a child's success,English language development and academic achievement.

Module 7 : Voice Modulation / Pitch / Pause / Rhythm____________(1 Session)

People who feel stage fright or fear of public speaking often have one thing in common. They speak in a monotone and fail to capture the attention of their audiences. Voice modulation, when speaking or addressing a group of people, is extremely important. And it is a skill that should be imbibed in children at a young age so that they can continue to grow confident as they move from classroom recitations to debates and public speaking competitions.

Voice modulation or intonation and rhythm is all about how to control your voice while speaking. It means tuning the pitch or tone of the voice so that the message is communicated across clearly and well understood by the audience.

Module 8 : Dashing Debates____________(1 Session)

Debating is an essential life skill that helps children develop confidence, learn to think on their own, and argue their point of view. It also teaches them how to research a topic, structure an argument and articulate their thoughts clearly.

First, it helps kids to think critically and to see both sides of an issue. This is an important life skill that will help them not only in their future studies and careers but also in life more generally – it is crucial to understand concepts from multiple viewpoints to have a balanced perspective of the world (even if you don’t necessarily agree with all those viewpoints).

Secondly, it teaches kids how to communicate effectively. They learn how to articulate their thoughts and arguments clearly and persuasively. This is a valuable skill not only in their education but also in the workplace, as it helps people bring others around to their point of view.

Finally, debating introduces kids to different viewpoints and opinions. They learn about other people’s perspectives and can develop their own opinions on various issues. Debating clubs and public speaking courses are great extra-curricular activities for kids to get involved in to learn these invaluable skills!

Module 9 : Essay / Narrative / Summary Writing____________(1 Session)

Writing enhances problem-solving and critical thinking skills because words need to be written down in a particular order and structure. Thus children clearly need to process information in order to form words and construct sentences and paragraphs.

Module 10 : Communicate Confidently____________(1 Session)

Communication skills are essential for students as they offer numerous benefits both inside and outside the academic environment. Here are some key benefits of developing strong communication skills:

  • Academic success.
  • Collaboration and teamwork.
  • Building relationships.
  • Confidence and self-expression.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Career readiness.