The Progressive Home Maker

(age 21-70 years) - Total Sessions 12

Module 1 : Consume English ____________(1 Session)

In order to gain mastery over the English language, it is important to make the learning process fun and complete. It should be totally inculcated in our day to day lives and not be a burden or a boring task.

Module 2 : Grammatically Correct____________(2 Sessions)

Grammar refers to the words and word groups that make up sentences.

Importance Of English Grammar: Better Reading, Conversation, Writing & Communication Skills.

  • Importance of English Grammar is that it brings fluency to our language and makes it easier to communicate with people in personal, social, academic, and professional scenarios.
  • Enhances our chances of academic and professional success as we are more likely to communicate better in interviews, group discussions, etc.
  • It helps in building interaction in colleges and universities, where foreign students from various origins can easily communicate with each other.

Module 3 : Read Right____________(2 Sessions)

Reading is the groundwork for success. When children develop a good reading habit early in their lives, they are more likely to become higher achievers in school and personal life.

Reading has many benefits, but it’s a skill that even a lot of adults don’t use enough. Apart from the necessity of reading to get by in today’s world, let’s look at some other benefits of reading and how these can contribute positively to your language progress.

  • Reading helps you discover the world.
  • It develops your imagination and creativity.
  • It improves vocabulary and communication.
  • It helps with building a good self-image and self worth.
  • Reading improves concentration and reduces stress.

Module 4 : Commonly Used English Phrases ____________(1 Session)

When we learn phrases in a language, instead of single words, we are more likely to store and recall what we have learned so we can use it exactly when we need to. This allows us to develop our confidence and fluency in the new language faster and helps in reducing the number of mistakes.

Module 5 : Proper Pronunciation____________(1 Session)

Proper pronunciation is the key to mastering the English language.Without correct pronunciation, the vocabulary that you know will be less effective when communicating. It is always better to know fewer words and pronounce them well than to know a lot of words and pronounce them badly. Bad pronunciation can lead to misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Module 6 : Most Used English Proverbs____________(1 Session)
  • A proverb is a short, popular saying that contains a piece of wisdom or advice. It uses figurative language to convey its message, rather than stating its meaning literally.
  • Speakers can use proverbs to impart knowledge, offer advice, teach or reinforce morals, make an argument, relieve interpersonal tensions, aid in understanding, or to console or inspire others

Module 7 : Conversation Starters____________(1 Session)

Conversation starters are essential for having smooth and enjoyable discussions with colleagues, friends and people in your industry. Preparing conversation starters for different scenarios can help you avoid awkwardness when you meet someone for the first time.

Module 8 : Dress Right…Feel Good____________(1 Session)

Dressing well for every occasion shows respect for the event or situation, enhances your self-image, and leaves a positive impression on others. It demonstrates professionalism, attention to detail, and a desire to present your best self.

Module 9 : Communicate Confidently____________(1 Session)

Communications skills in general are essential in any environment, having the ability to speak, write clearly and powerfully and successfully articulate your message can be the difference between success and failure for many people.

Module 10 : ‘Me Time’ Prioritize Yourself____________(1 Session)
  • Most of the time, there can be a lot of pressure from the outside world, which tries to influence who you are and what shall you give priority to.
  • This pressure increases manifold especially when you’re a woman and motherhood adds on to it. ‘Me time’ is enjoying some quality time with yourself.
  • The main reason why we women don’t get our ‘me time’ is because we play multiple roles together. We play the role of a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, leader. We just run around all day to accomplish multiple tasks and are adjusting in every step of the way. And we don’t realize but we get exposed to depression, low self-confidence, anxiety and stress.